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IMI International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate studies.

II Year Curriculum

This program builds on the foundation skills and knowledge gained at Diploma level. The objective of the Diploma is to further develop students' knowledge, understanding, and practical skills within revenue generating outlets of the hospitality industry and provide a solid grounding in the financial and operational considerations necessary for their successful management.

Introduction to wine

This course will cover the basics of wine: How wine is made, The different types of wine, Food and wine combinations, Serving wine

Food and Beverages Management

This practical unit focuses on the development of students restaurant service skills and knowledge of beverages served within fine-dining restaurant environments.

Business English

This course focuses on developing presentation and business writing skills.

Spanish (level 1)

Beginner's course - Elementary low

Financial management. Level 1

This is an introductory course in Financial management in the Hospitality industry. It includes accounting systems, financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement), as well as analysis of financial statements, operational budget and forecast.

Research skills

This unit explores research frameworks and philosophies, methodologies and data analysis techniques to support the various stages of the dissertation writing process.

Event operations

This unit focuses on the structure and organisation of the events industry and the operational knowledge required for the management of events through their various stages.

Personal and Professional development

Develops reflection on career and personal development, recognises academic and personal progression in support of future career goals. These classes will help students in the development of self-discipline and guide them in recognising their potential.

Tourism Environment

The unit introduces the students to key tourism concepts, principles and impacts. The unit will also provide them with an introduction and a business approach to Tourism.

Food Costing & Control

Assess key management disciplines required to procure, control and sell menu items effectively with a special focus on costing and promotion in the hospitality industry.

Culinary principles. Level 2

Students are introduced to the details, complexities, and equipment of a professional kitchen. Students will learn the necessities of being prepared when creating and cooking menu items and the basic cooking methodologies of commercial cooking.

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