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IMI International Hospitality Management. Undergraduate Studies. 

IV Year Curriculum


Mutual Modules 

Strategic Management and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry

The module provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of how business strategy can be formulated in the light of environmental and internal conditions with a particular emphasis on the international context of strategy making. The module equips students with a framework for understanding international business strategy as an interdisciplinary activity within the context of international and competitive markets, leading to corporate decision-making.

Business Investment & Finance 

This module aims to give the student an understanding of the principles governing financial management of a business. It will equip the student as a manager with the techniques for evaluating the financial needs of a business, analyzing the financial performance of a firm, valuing bonds and equities, utilizing finance in the most attractive investment opportunity. It will also provide an appreciation of the role of the finance function in the commercial life of the business. 

Applied research in the hospitality industry

The module is designed to enable students to undertake a challenging and detailed study of a particular area of interest normally using a range of secondary data. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate their extensive knowledge of theory within their chosen area of study as they develop a theoretical framework to support the research aims. They will be encouraged to provide evidence of their academic expertise with regard to critical analysis and evaluation of existing work by developing key skills including: problem identification, problem-solving, collation and analysis of secondary data in their chosen area of research.

Pathway dissertation

The dissertation is the element of your program that provides you with the opportunity to undertake a substantial piece of original, independent research, building on and focused on the topic or topics that are of particular interest to you and which you wish to explore in greater depth or from different angles. Data can be collected in a variety of ways - such as through field sampling or survey, questionnaire surveys, interviews, content analysis, census material or archival work or some combination of these - depending on the topic chosen.

Organizational Behavior

Students will study the behaviour of individuals and groups as part of the social and technical system in the workplace. They examine individual and group behaviour, communication, conflict and various management styles, motivational techniques and coordination in the work environment and apply these concepts to the development of an organization. They will also examine fundamental individual and group processes and the ways in which these inform the policies and practices of people management.

International Hospitality Operations Management

This module provides for a synthesis of work in the area of operations management through the introduction of key concepts and frameworks drawn from the operations management and hospitality operations literature. It explores the key concerns of managers who have a senior operations management responsibility within international hospitality concerns and draws on examples and illustrations from all sectors of the industry.

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