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SWISSAM is the only world-class educational institution in Russia and the CIS specializing in Hospitality & Culinary Arts. It is situated in the very center of St. Petersburg. SWISSAM Hospitality Business & Culinary Arts School is fully accredited by prestigious international educational institutions - International Management Institute (Lucerne, Switzerland) and American Culinary Federation, Inc.(New York, USA) to conduct their courses. 


  • international Swiss Diploma in Hospitality & Restaurant Management in Russia
  • unique Chef program in Russia and CIS
  • paid internships in the luxury hotels and famous restaurants
  • multicultural school environment with foreign teachers (from USA, Italy, Lebanon, Philippines, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, ect.)
  • all tuition is in English (except Restaurant Management Program which is available in both English and Russian)
  • learning second foreign language (depends on the program)
  • established relations with employers from the first day of classes
  • international career possibilities 

In addition, SWISSAM is accredited by

 CHRIE international Council on Hospitality and Restaurant Education and is member of Chaîne des RôtisseursInternational Association of Gastronomy. 




Chaîne des Rôtisseurs 




London Camber of Commerce Industry Language Certification LCCI


The following higher educational institutions are accepting our credits and student transfers, in addition to IMI and ACF: 

West London University


BCA Business School in Athens together with Plymouth University



 University of Nicosia




Coventry University



ESERP Business School, in partnership with the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid & Universitat Central de Catalunya, Barcelona.